At Green Up IT, Inc., our IT consultants understand technology. But more importantly, we understand that technology is only a tool to help your business run more efficiently. We believe technology should be an unobtrusive system running behind the scenes.

We analyze how technology can be used to enhance your bottom line, without promoting the idea that technology is your business, or even the most important aspect. We do know that the technical demands and knowledge to run effective IT are changing faster than ever before.

While it's impossible to plan for every potential computer problem or emergency, a little proactive monitoring and maintenance of your network and systems will help you avoid or greatly reduce the impact of the vast majority of computer disasters you could experience.

Unfortunately, we have found that most small business owners are NOT conducting any type of proactive monitoring or maintaining their network or systems, which leaves them completely vulnerable to the types of disasters you always seem to read about.

They are swamped with more immediate day-to-day fires demanding their attention. If their network and systems are working fine today, it goes to the bottom of the pile of things to worry about. That means no one is watching to make sure the backups are working properly, the virus protection is up-to-date, that critical security patches are being applied, or that the network and systems are “healthy”.

Management of your IT resources takes time. Green Up IT, Inc. will save your company time by providing Annual Inventory, Auditing, Budgeting and Projection, Daily Operations and Management, Environmental, Network and Security Assessments, Help Desk, and Policies and Procedures.